Guiding Children's Social and Emotional Development : A Reflective Approach

Guiding Children's Social and Emotional Development : A Reflective Approach


Guiding Children's Social and Emotional Development: A Reflective Approachis a unique and versatile resource, one that promotes self-reflection and provides the means to do so by all the key concepts and pedagogical features that support an intentional, self-reflective approach to guiding children's social and emotional development.Author Janice Englander Katz envisions that her guidebook can be used as a textbook for a college course in social-emotional development of young children, guidance courses in early childhood education, or for continuing professional education.

The format of the book is in distinct modules, lending itself to ongoing learning communities, staff workshops, or professional development seminars for those already in the field. Every chapter introduces information onchildren's developing emotions and behavior and offers ample opportunity for readers to self-reflect on personal feelings, thoughts, and experiences in relation to their own social-emotional development. The content involves thorough yet applicable overviews of the key theories and research on social and emotionaldevelopment; clear examples of children and teachers in early childhood settingsusing effective and not-so-effective guidance strategies; and the tools necessary for understanding andresponding effectively to challenging behaviors.

Janice Englander Katz is the founder and president of the Child Care Consortium, Inc., which operates Imagination Station Child Development Center, an NAEYC-accredited, licensed, educational child care center in Michigan City, Indiana. She is also a practicing clinical child psychologist, an early childhood professor, and tireless worker for the children of our nation. Empowered by the stories and experiences her work allows, she has infused her unique sensibilities and experiences into writing this captivating manual for the early childhood professional and anyone working with families and children in some capacity. Whether an early intervention therapist, a behavior consultant, a home visitor, or early childhood professional, this resource was written for you.

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