Music Across the Senses : Listening, Learning, and Making Meaning

Music Across the Senses : Listening, Learning, and Making Meaning


Music listening is likely to be the predominant musical activity in which students will be engaged throughout their lives, and Music Across the Senses is an ideal resources that provides teachers with practical ideas for facilitating student music listening skill development. Written both for inservice music educators as well as collegiate music education student, Music Across the Senses shows how music educators can facilitate PK-12 students'
develop listening skills using multisensory means-mapping, movement, and verbal descriptions-in general music and performance ensemble classes.

The book presents multisensory strategies and tools that invite teachers to adapt them to fit their own unique music learning communities. This approach gives teachers the flexibility to choose their own musical selections, genres, and styles. Specifically, this book includes: 1) Multisensory pedagogical tools and procedures for PK-12 music listening skill development that will help transform students' internal musical impressions into external expressions; 2) Sample lesson ideas, movement
sequences, and listening maps adaptable to teachers' individual teaching environments, including multi-age general music and ensemble settings; 3) a companion website that depicts teachers using these multisensory tools in real-life, PK-12 general music and ensemble classrooms; 4)suggestions for
objective assessment of students' music listening development.

As a whole, Music Across the Senses helps teachers enable students to learn how to devise independent strategies for listening that they can employ and enjoy long after their formal education is completed.

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