Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology


How exactly can psychology be used to define a crime? What are the underlying social, psychological, biological and cognitive contexts that affect the nature of incriminating behaviour? How can we appropriately measure justice in spaces as political as the court-room? Being an often misrepresented field in psychology, this book has been written with an empirically sound representation of the major theories that underpin our understanding of criminal behaviour by drawing from statistical evidence as well as real recorded cases. This text also takes consideration of the role of psychology in examining the penal processes, from the actions of the courtroom to the investigative process and wider social and cultural factors. Delve into the cognition of lawmakers and lawbreakers and the psychological factors that affect the validity of criminal accounts such as the false memories of witness testimonies or false confessions of suspects. Though a short text, Adrian Scott masterfully introduces readers to a broad interdisciplinary introduction which covers a range of critical perspectives in the subject. Consider the broader risk-factors that are associated with criminal behaviour and engage in critical thinking about the strengths and weaknesses in the various methods of its psychological measurement.

This title stands as part of the Palgrave Insights in Psychology series edited by Nigel Holt and Rob Lewis, containing versatile, quick guides to the cornerstone theories, main topics and theoretical perspectives of their subjects. These titles are useful for pre-undergraduate students looking to find incisive introductions to subjects that they may be considering for undergraduate study and those looking for helpful preparatory reading for undergraduate modules in the prospective subject. This book has been carefully written with students in mind who may be taking courses in Forensic Psychology at A level.

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