The Political System of the European Union

The Political System of the European Union


The 3rd edition of this bestselling core textbook continues to give an innovative approach to analyzing, researching and teaching the European Union. Starting from the observation that the EU now possesses many of the attributes of modern political systems, Hix and Hoyland argue that we should use the general theories of political science to help understand how the EU works. For each of the main processes in the EU political system - executive, legislative and judicial politics, public opinion, interest groups and democracy, and regulatory, monetary and foreign policies -the book introduces the key political science tools, reviews the relevant theories, and applies the knowledge in detailed descriptive analysis.

The third edition of this highly acclaimed and groundbreaking text has been fully revised and rewritten throughout. As well as incorporating new data and the latest research, it examines the consequences of key developments in the EU, from enlargement to the Lisbon treaty and the 2009 European Parliament election.

To enhance teaching and learning, our companion website is packed with resources for both teachers and lecturers. Used together, this creates an indispensable and accessible companion to all upper-level undergraduate and Master's courses with a focus on EU Politics. The methodology used in this book seeks to make the make the political system of the EU accessible to political science students as a whole, as well as those specifically studying the EU.

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