Transforming Communities : Re-imagining the Church for the Twenty-first Century

Transforming Communities : Re-imagining the Church for the Twenty-first Century


Suppose for a moment that it is the present way in which we are being church that is not working? If that is the case, then no amount of new thinking about ministry in isolation will be enough to take us forward ... It is the contention of this book that a new vision of what it means to be church is required.'

Christians in every place are asking questions about the life of the church. How do we re-imagine what congregations can become? How are we to develop new ways of being church which are sustainable and have the capacity for growth, mission and renewal?

Steven Croft believes that part of the answer lies in developing small transforming communities as basic building blocks of Christian congregations. In this important new book he develops a biblical and theological understanding of what the church is called to be, a worked strategy for the future and practical guidelines for those called to help the church's transition to new models.

Transforming Communities draws on the best new thinking about the church from a variety of sources including academic theology, cell church, base ecclesial communities, and the author's own experience of wrestling with these issues as an Anglican vicar and theological educator. Intended for clergy, ordinands and student ministers, lay leaders concerned with pastoral re-organisation, small group leaders and church members, it is suitable for all denominations and includes study guides to facilitate group work.

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