The College Project : A Financial Aid Guide for the Class of 2017

The College Project : A Financial Aid Guide for the Class of 2017


High school students, teachers, and parents: this is the ultimate financial aid guide. The College Project doesn't merely tell students what to do to afford college -- it guides them in creating their own personalized, actionable plan.

Specific to the needs of California students graduating high school in 2017, The College Project brings together the best financial aid resources, key statistics, and engaging stories to help any student access college.

The College Project guides students through the following:

Costs and benefits of earning a college degree Majors and future careers Colleges most likely to meet the needs of their students Each student's personal, estimated cost of attendance Different types of financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans) Key financial aid documents (FAFSA, CSS Profile, CA Dream Act Application) High School Teachers:

The College Project supports the development of college and career-ready students. It is aligned with Common Core Standards for ELA and Mathematics. Each chapter contains essential questions and assignments you can assign to help students build personalized college portfolios to help them in their journey after high school. The College Project is set up to use as a supplemental text or interdisciplinary project.

For a variety of electronic student resources (including access to the e-book and a custom senior year Google calendar), a free teacher's guide and e-rubric, please visit

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